feelgood factor

When you purchase from Green Planet Candle Co it will make you feel good. You are investing in a British made product that is eco-conscious and cruelty-free, creating a luxurious ambience for your home, work environment or meditation space.

Botanicals, fresh flowers and memories take centre stage in this luxurious collection. Hand-poured in elegant glass vessels in a variety of colours, these candles glow gracefully and look beautiful in all interiors.

Wax melts and gift sets complete the range which are perfect for any occasion. Visit the SHOP to browse at your leisure.


If your item is out of stock or if you have a specific order request, please get in touch at info@greenplanetcandles.co.uk or complete the Contact Form.


why Green Planet?

  • artisan: Green Planet Candle Co is a small independent brand producing hand-crafted candles & wax melts in small batches ensuring a beautifully finished product.

  • clean, slow, conscious: no black smoke; no black soot.

  • donation to charity: every purchase helps improve biodiversity & climate conditions by planting trees in areas devastated by forest fires, earthquakes and floods. Visit Question 7 FAQs to find out more.

  • vegan-friendly: no animal derived materials; no stearic acid; no beeswax; not tested on animals & cruelty-free. No Soy, no Palm Oil, no GMOs.