• This luxury candle & melt set will bring pure delight to the senses, filling your home with gorgeous aroma! Includes white ceramic oil burner patterned with lavender.


    The candle comes in a cool, contemporary matt black vessel which coordinates with all interiors.


    Your set contains:

    1 x box Lavandin Herb essential oil melts (approx 10)

    1 x botanical ceramic melt burner (H 10 cm x D 8 cm)

    6 x 4H eco t-lights

    1 x Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine fragrance candle

    Instructions for use

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    Lavandin Herb (essential oil melts)

    Aromatic floral lavandin layered with a refreshing citrus twist, lemon and mandarin, highlighted with green basil accords. Rich woods underpin the base.


    Frequently confused with its cousin, Lavender, Lavandin has a multitude of benefits in its own right. Often considered to be more potent, Lavandin essential oil is great for the mind, body and soul.


    Himalayan Cedarwood & Jasmine Candle (~150g)

    Top notes: peony, red apple, aqueous

    Heart notes: rose, jasmine, carnation

    Base notes: violet, plum, musks, patchouli, dry amber


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    Lavandin & Himalayan Cedar Candle/Melt Set

    • Made in Didsbury with 100% rapeseed & coconut oils for an eco-friendly burn with low carbon footprint.


      • The candle is infused with premium-grade fragrance oils, free from harmful parabens. ~150g net weight. Approx 35+ hours fragrance.


      • The wax melts are infused with a blend of 100% natural essential oils. ~70g net weight (approx 10 melts). Approx 8+ hours fragrance per melt.


      • 6 x 4H t-lights made with rapeseed oil wax & cotton wick in recyclable plastic cup.