• This fragrance will have you baking in no time; and if not, the neighbours will think you're a dab hand!


    Handcrafted rapeseed & coconut wax candle for a lengthy, clean burn complete with Green Planet Candle Co linen drawstring. It's the perfect gift!


    Top notes: anise
    Heart notes: homemade gingerbread, cinnamon, clove
    Base notes: maple syrup, caramel, cookie, vanilla


    Size: 20cl

    Container dimensions: H 83mm x D 70 mm

    Burn time: 35 hours+

    Net weight: 150 e



    Green Planet Candle Co is proudly partnered with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity set up to improve climate conditions by protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world. A 3% donation is made with every purchase. Visit FAQ to discover how your purchase will make a difference.



    • Green Planet Candle Co products are designed to be good to nature; completely free from soy, palm oil, beeswax, GMOs & harmful parabens.


      Each element is sourced and produced responsibly, enhancing the green planet ethos.


      Your vegan candle will create a luxury ambiance that will last a minimum of 35 hours.