• Aromatic floral lavandin layered with a refreshing citrus twist, lemon and mandarin, highlighted with green basil accords. Rich woods underpin the base. 


    Green Planet Candle Co wax melts,  made with rapeseed & coconut oils for eco-friendly luxury with low carbon footprint.


    Each box includes a generous helping, each melt providing a minimum of 8 hours of gorgeous fragrance for your home.


    Your box contains:

    • Pure essential oil melts ~70g (approx 10)
    • Instructions for use
    • Fragrance tag
    • CLP safety labelling information


    What is Lavandin?

    One of the differences in the essential oil that is distilled from Lavandin varieties is that they produce up to three times more oil per kilo of plant material than English Lavender.


    French lavender plants are sterile hybrid crosses between English lavender (L. augusifolia) and Portuguese lavender (L. latifolia). The result is Lavandula dentata, or Lavandin.


    There are many uses for lavandin, mostly in the cosmetics industry, due to the high amount of aromatic oils in the plant. Lavandin produces flowers just once during year and later than English lavender, but the plant is filled with blooms and flowers which have a higher camphor content than English lavender.


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    Green Planet Candle Co is proudly partnered with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity set up to improve climate conditions by protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world. A 3% donation is made with every purchase. Visit FAQ to discover how your purchase will make a difference.


    Essential Oil Melts: Lavandin Herb

    • Green Planet Candle Co products are designed to be good to nature; completely free from soy, palm oil, paraffin, beeswax, GMOs & parabens.


      Each element is sourced and produced responsibly, enhancing the green planet ethos.