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Eco-conscious scented candles & wax melts, handcrafted with coconut and rapeseed, infused with dreamy perfume oils that are made in the UK, and essential oils chosen for their low environmental impact.


Design is sleek, minimalist and reusable.


immerse yourself in the now and live your best life!

Reforestation partner with One Tree Planted

Proudly partnered with

One Tree Planted ...

 working with local communities to plant trees in areas devastated by floods, forest fires and earthquakes.

Visit FAQs for details.

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Beauty Project

large pink glass vessel specially designed for the charity project
mastectoME charity candle

Please do NOT use a promo code to purchase this item as all proceeds are donated to charity.

Ceramic Candle Holder

Complete your cosy home

Melt warmers, wick dippers and tea-light holders.



These candles glow gracefully and look beautiful in all interiors.


Coconut & Rapeseed Wax

Over twenty dreamy fragrances to choose from.

Monthly rolling subscription

Monthly Rolling Subscription

Receive a seasonal scented candle or two wax melt envelopes every month at a discounted price!

Carefully chosen to represent the seasons, best sellers and current trends.

Pre-paid subscription

Live your best life and enjoy a touch of luxurious self indulgence!


With the pre-paid subscription service you'll receive a monthly seasonal scented candle, or two pouches of eco-wax melts for the duration of your chosen subscription period.


Fragrances are free from parabens and CMRs.


Free from soybean wax, mineral wax & GMOs.

Packaging is plastic-free.

charity donation

Every purchase helps reforestation efforts around the planet.

Cosy hygge interior with display of amber and green glass
Gingerbread Classic

Jo - January 2022

These elegant candles have such beautiful feminine fragrances and create an atmosphere throughout your whole sanctuary.

Bathroom candle

Amy, Oct 2021

Both candles and melts came beautifully packaged; the scent is just gorgeous.

I always look forward to lighting them and making the room smell lovely!

Green Glass Scented Candle

Robynne, March 2022

The fragrance is amazing and it fills the room so quickly.

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